About Paul

Paul Green may have resting murderer face but he’s actually harmless. He has been performing comedy for over 15 years starting in 2008 as an improviser and actor. In 2014 Paul expanded his comedy career as he begin performing stand-up. Paul started out as a “clean comic” which gave him many opportunities to perform in clean comedy shows and helped him to develop his stand-up act without relying on crude humor or profanity. Paul is currently based in Phoenix, AZ and has performed all over the country from Seattle Washington to Sarasota Florida and loves nothing more than bringing joy and laughter to his audience.

To Make a Short Story Even Longer.

Paul Green was born at a very young age, but it wasn’t until the 4th grade when he realized he had a knack for making people laugh and told his teacher that when he grew up he wanted to be a stand up comedian. Unfortunately, Paul never grew up. But that didn’t stop him from his first official start in comedy when Jef Rawls owner of Jester’z Improv troupe in Scottsdale Arizona invited him to join his improv theater as a regular cast member. It was not long before Paul’s high energy, strong emotional characters and quick wit won the hearts of Jester’z crowds and fellow performers.

After 6 years performing with Jestesr’z, Paul took his first stand-up comedy class with Tony Vicich and began to create his stand-up comedy act in 2014. In 2015 Paul was ready for the big leagues, and moved to Hollywood CA, to pursue comedy and acting. While there he performed at some of the most iconic comedy stages in the world such as the Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv, Laugh Factory and the Ice House. Paul also has appeared in commercials for major and smaller brands such as AirHeads, ADP, Devour Foods and VAVA Speakers. In 2022 Paul moved back to his home town in Phoenix Arizona where he continues to bring laughs to audiences all across the country, in many different venues and in front of many different audiences.


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