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“America’s funniest comedian,” – Paul said of himself 

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“America’s funniest comedian,” – Paul said of himself 

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Paul Green was born at a very young age…




but it wasn’t until the 4th grade when he realized he had a nack for making people laugh. As the emerging class clown, Paul loved to make his entire class laugh and would stop at nothing to bring the whole class to tears! He told his teacher at that very young age that when he grew up he wanted to be a stand up comedian!

 It wasn’t until much later that Paul got his first official start in comedy when Jef Rawls owner of Jester’z Improv troupe in Scottsdale invited him to study improvisational comedy at his theater. Paul was a regular attendee at Jester’z shows and Jef recognized Paul’s energy and comedic timing even as an audience member, and thought Paul might have what it takes to be a performer, prompting him to invite Paul to join his beginning improv class.

After 6 months of improvisational comedy classes from Jef, as well as another Jester’z performer Dave Specht, Paul was invited to join the main-stage performing cast of Jester’z Improv.

 It was not long before Paul’s high energy, strong emotional characters and quick wit won the hearts of Jester’z crowds and fellow performers. After 6 years at Jester’z Paul had the opportunity to entertain thousands of Jester’z fans and clients!




In 2014 Paul decided it was time to explore other performance opportunities and to expand his talents. He discovered a stand up comedy class at the near by Tempe Center for the Arts and decided to give it a try. There he met his next mentor, Tony Vicich.

It was the first time Paul was introduced to comedic writing. Once again Paul quickly rose to the top of his comedy class. Tony begin to book Paul around the Phoenix area at different comedy clubs.

 Along the way Paul was invited to create a youtube channel involving sketch comedy skits and a live talk show. He teamed up with his close friends from Jester’z, Ryan Quenneville and Mandy Nielsen and created Tonight at the Pad. The youtube channel evolved to focus on comedy sketches written by Paul, Mandy and Ryan as well as other guest collaboraters, writers, producers and comedians.

 Paul’s popularity and influence in the entertainment industry grows every day, as he commits to providing, clean, intelligent comedy, in his dynamic, high energy way. You are guaranteed a hilarious, highly entertaining performance any time Paul is on the stage or in front of the camera!

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