2014 proved a year of significant life changes. The year started out with me taking a break from Jester’z, where I had found a home and creative outlet for 6 years, I started doing stand-up for the first time and sometime around March another new experience was presented to me. I was hanging out with my friends Jeff and Jason Linford, twin brothers who I had been acquainted with for many years. They are fiddlers, musicians, composers, entrepreneurs and much more. Their primary source of income is they run a pest control business. They also had acquired a random piece of property near downtown Mesa and set up their pest control business as well as their music production business there. The location was begin enough to hold concerts and at time they would host their own performances and open mics. I came to one of their open mics and did some of my newly developed stand-up material. After the show I was sitting around talking with Jeff and he said to me, “Paul, we need to put on the Paul Green show here!” A crazy idea, but it gained traction. Over the next few months I started talking to friends of mine who I thought would be great to be involved and begin producing with the Linford’s what would come to be known as Tonight at the Pad Starring Paul Green. It was my very own talk show, and it was a blast. The number of people who got involved and helped to make it a success was staggering, writers, camera people, a full band, guests, audio, make-up, etc etc. We filmed each episode live at the Pad, to full audiences. It was new, exciting, challenging, hard work, stressful and exhilarating. I was growing in my confidence as a performer, comedian and show-runner.

After filming our first episode, there was a girl in the audience who I had always had a crush on. She and I out went out after the show, and that ended up being our first date. I was on top of the world, I was getting great feedback as a comedian, I had a talk show that people were excited about, I had a new girl I was dating. Everything was great….except for one small problem, everything wasn’t great.